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You have come to the right place to find performers and training for Film, Stage, and Motion Capture. We can offer a range of services for film including Stunt Coordination, Choreography, Performers, Training, and Rigging. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know—we’re happy to consult with you to create the effect needed for any situation.

In June 2016, Asylum Founder/Director Brian Connelly relocated to Arizona to start up Asylum Stunts Southwest and has been a guest instructor at Arizona State University, Artesia Arts Council, and currently offers ongoing stunt training sessions at Desert Devils Gymnastics in Mesa, Arizona.

Our Services

Stunt Coordination by Asylum Stunts
Stunt Coordination

We offer a number of off-screen services to aid in shooting stunt and non-stunt scenes:

  • Safety: Whether a scene requires pads, wires, or just guts, our experienced professionals will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of cast and crew,

  • Rigging for stunts: Cable sets, flying harnesses, rappelling rigs, hanging rigs, safety rigging rooms for fights and stunts,

  • Set rigging: Breakaways, "sticky" steps, candy glass, squibs, remote detonators, etc.,

  • Props/FX: Make-up, pyrotechnics, levitation effects, anchoring weapons/performers, etc.,

  • Set design for stunt scenes: Hiding safety pads, cabling rigs, etc.

Action Choreography by Asylum Stunts
Action Choreography

We are proficient in a number of different fighting styles and are well versed in multiple martial arts, sword fighting, and gymnastics to help orchestrate believable, memorable and theatrical fight scenes.

  • Should look dangerous, but it needs to be safe,

  • Positioning the bodies at angles that will close the camera/sightline perspective to make the fight seem real,

  • The physical reaction of the actor is important to sell the "hit",

  • The fighters have to be partners and not antagonists,

  • Rehearsals are important to hone the dynamics and the fine tune the movement.

Specialized Training at Asylum Stunts
Core Training and Specialized Training Sessions

Below is just a sample of what we cover in the core curriculum.

  • Tumbling: Learn fundamental tumbling skills and gain strength, agility, coordination, and self confidence. Progress to more advanced techniques over time as your interest and skill levels build,

  • Performance Techniques: Learn open-hand and weapons fights for both live performances and film. You'll start by learning the De Longis method for sword work and then advance on to our own techniques for sword, staff, knife, and more obscure weapons (e.g., sai, kama, light-saber styles, found-weapons, etc.)

  • Gun Choreography and Firearms Safety: Learn how to work with guns firing blanks and how to handle ammunition, live guns, and prop guns. You'll learn about different types of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and more, and how to incorporate them into fight choreography. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have a firearm owner’s ID card (FOID card) in order to work with guns,

  • Mini-tramped or Cabled Explosions: Learn to free fly and gain air sense,

  • High Falls: Learn various high falls including suicides, headers, and face offs,

  • Wirework: Learn to fly, fight, and be jerked back while in a full harness,

  • Choreography: Learn how to understand and quickly pick up choreography. Once students show a firm grasp choreography, they begin developing their own choreography through different exercises,

  • Safety: Learn how to assist fellow performers with spotting and rigging.

Specialty training can also be arranged, and is typically booked by producers or directors who need immediate and intensive training for a current production. Examples might include an intensive 3-day training program focused on designing and using squibs, a full day of high-fall training, an additional private session strictly for the cast of a film.

Specialized Sessions Rate: $10 per participant/session

& $25.00 per hour per instructor. Materials charges

may apply as well.

Hire Us for Stunt Rigging at Asylum Stunts

Many projects filmed today utilize some form of stunt rigging, such as ratchets, decelerators, descenders, and flying by wire. Knowing how to rig these kinds of stunts is as much a science as it is an art. It takes experience, knowledge, and specilalized training to be able to put that person exactly where you want them every time.

  • Rigging for stunts: Cable sets, flying harnesses, rappelling rigs, hanging rigs, safety rigging rooms for fights and stunts,

  • Wire vs Rope: We know all about the different types of wire cable and ropes and why to choose one over the other,

  • Equipment: We have all the equipment necessary to make your performers fly around in the air, getting pulled back with great force, spinning around, or making front and back flips, and more!

Stunt Performers for hire at Asylum Stunts
Stunt Performers

We have performers of all shapes and sizes trained in the following:

Live action, film/TV, and stage stunts
Full-contact and studio fighting
Wire work/cable work
Stylized martial arts
Gun work: historical to modern
Hand-to-hand weapons
High falls
Stair falls

Explosions: air ram, mini tramp, springboard, cabled, etc.
Precision driving
Car hits
Fire burns
Acrobatics and gymnastics

Rail falls
Roof falls

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